Volkan. The video looks absolutely amazing and the interview you did with peter was an amazing surpise and it went well with the footage you filmed at my house with the little gifts he planned for me. Thank you very much for you and your team for an amazing day, you guys made it stress free for us and we couldnt ask for a better team! Vicky and Peter

Peter and Vicky

Being part of our wedding industry family as a driver for Roll up in a Roll, We thought we would do something different with this wedding and interview our groom Peter in the morning during his preps and get an inside to his relationship with Vicky which added a little personal tough to their highlight. Vicky had no idea we were doing this so it came to a complete surprise to her when she watched it on the wedding highlight video. Peter told us what surprises and gifts he had planned for Vicky, what she means to him and also the fact they never had a slow dance the whole time they dated and how much he was looking forward to his bridal waltz with his new bride. Being known to be a cheeky alter boy for his local church, you can see in their wedding highlight he is still that cheeky boy as he smiles when the priest had to straighten him up during the ceremony. We went over to the Sydney CBD for their location shoot alongside D’Amico Photography to capture their family and bridal party photos and then partied the night away at the elegant Waterview Reception in Homebush bay Olympic park. Sadly Peter’s father couldnt be there to join his son on his wedding day so this wedding video is dedicated in his honor.


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