Volkan. THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming to our country in Switzerland with your team and capturing our wedding journey. When I saw my cousins wedding video in Sydney, I knew i had to have you capture ours. Me and Ugur cannot thank you enough for you and your teams services. Once we met you in person, we knew you were the right team for us. You captured our wedding perfectly and out of all days, you got to witness the cow herding on our wedding day which you jumped out of a moving car to capture. Unbelievable!. Thank you once again and look forward to seeing you again if we come to Sydney for a holiday! Gokce and Ugur

Gokce and Ugur

Gokce and Ugur got in touch with us once they saw our wedding video which we filmed for her family member in sydney and wanted our team to fly to Switzerland to capture her special day. Once we arrived in switzerland, the hospitality we received not only from our couples family but from the people in their village as they greeted us in the street everytime we would walk past someone. The people, farm culture and lets not forget the roaming greener than green grassy hills of the Wattwil created the perfect backdrop. We were even lucky to witness a farmer herding 150 cows with bells on their necks on the road from the top of the mountains to a warmer pasture at the foot of the hills. Our morning started with hot air balloons rising behind Gokce’s house and when Ugur arrived at her house, the festivities begun. We captured some amazing moments at Rapperswil castle in St Gallen and the surrounding town with amazing vivid flowers blooming. We enjoyed this shoot very much as it was out of our comfort zone and gave us a challenge to capture scenery we dont have in Sydney and our couple were extremely overjoyed with their wedding video.


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